Wellness Services

Live Harder Wellness is passionate about providing a more proactive approach to healing and prevention of injuries by making our services available to everyone regardless of their financial situation. 

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Massage Therapy

Other than the relaxing effects of the human touch, massage therapy provides countless cardiovascular and neuromuscular advantages. In a perfect world, everyone would receive a massage daily and live a blissful life. Unfortunately, we live in a time where most can only afford massage therapy when they are desperate for a healing touch. 

Live Harder Wellness strives to change this reactive nature of our culture by providing exceptional massage service to anyone in need. Hurt or healthy, we want to work with you to improve your wellbeing and keep you doing the things you love most. 

We also offer mobile massage within Summit County, Co

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Most people understand the benefits of yoga and how moving their body with intention helps create a better mind-body connection through breath. Live Harder Wellness strives to take meaningful movement one step further by focusing on correcting imbalances and reestablishing functional patterns in order to prevent injuries while we play. 

Our classes are always filled with fun and unique ways to move your body and progress your playfullness while being connected to nature. 

Check out our schedule for dates and locations of our classes. 

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Prehab Training

Because we live in a time where most wait until they are injured or ill to begin taking care of their bodies, rehabilitation is an extremely tedious process. This is why Live Harder Wellness is offering pre-habilitation training for those seeking to proactively prevent injuries before they arise. By using corrective exercise to establish muscular balance and creating mobility and stability within each joint, we can build synergistic strength that can be applied to any activity.

We offer both personal and group training to those willing to put in the work so that they can play harder without risking injury. 

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Altitude Athletics

For those that wish to take their training one step further and push the limits of what is possible through action and adventure sports. We now offer training to athletes looking for new and unique methods to safely stress their stabilizers and build structural integrity throughout the entire body. By taking our prehab training one step further and challenging ourselves in an unstable and unpredictable environment, we can enhance our abilities to quickly and safely respond to whatever the mountain throws at us. 

We are excited to be working with individuals as well as athletic teams to improve performance and overall longevity of their sport.