Journaling Prompts

Introspection can be tough. Some people go to counselors or therapists to sort out inner conflicts, blocks, or murkiness. Talking to a friend can help you gain perspective and clarity. Another great tool is journaling.

Journaling can be a way of having a conversation with different aspects of yourself. It can be like talking to a counselor or friend.

Soul Writing

One of my favorite methods of journaling is called Soul Writing, and I learned it from Janet Conner, in her book “Writing Down Your Soul” . In the book she teaches that when you put pen to paper and write without pausing to self-edit (in other words, your writing is stream of consciousness), you can access your subconscious.

She gives tips for accessing the subconscious, and they include:

  • write fast

  • line the paper up in front of you so that your hand has to go from the left side of the body to the write, and your eyes move from left to write too.

  • engage all of the senses (sip water, light a scented candle or use essential oils)

  • write to a higher power or guide (as in “dear Voice)

  • write everyday

Access Guidance

When you are writing and accessing your subconscious, you have a whole new level of guidance open to you. You’re probably familiar with the analogy of the conscious and subconscious being like an iceberg; our conscious thoughts are only the tip, while the subconscious accounts for so much more volume, and lies beneath the surface and out of sight.

When you tap into the subconscious, you can ask questions and receive answers. It is best to ask open ended questions, and you might sometimes even get the guidance that you are asking the wrong question! For example, if you said “Should I choose the red one or the blue one” you might be prompted to see that there are other options to consider. “What else is possible?” is guidance I get often.

Writing Prompts

Here are some open ended questions you can ask your subconscious:

  • What do I need to know today that will help me find more ease and joy?

  • What is it best that I focus on today/this week/this month?

  • What daily habits can I change so that I feel happier?

  • What patterns are holding me back?

  • How can I find more ease today?

  • How can I better connect with those around me today?

  • What can I do to find more alignment today?

  • What change in perspective would make this issue/problem feel lighter?

  • Is there anything I need to know right now?

  • Am I on a healthy path or is there a new direction I need to go?

  • Am I lying to myself about this situation? What is the honest truth?

Journaling can be a great tool for doing inner work. Our inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs are too important to be ignored! The mind-space can be cluttered or clean. Introspection is a way of cleaning and purifying that space. Do you keep a journal? Do you write every day? I’d love to hear about your journaling practice and learn from you! Leave a comment below.

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