Emotional Stability

Emotional Stability| Take the test — see for yourself

How emotionally stable are you?

Did you know that there's a test you can take, to help you understand how emotionally stable you are? My score was 43%. I want to get that number to go up through practice and training. I’ll tell you more about the test and where you can take it towards the end of this post. But first, here’s are my thoughts about emotional stability and why it’s important.

When exercising the body, we train stabilizer muscles. Is there an equivalent in the psyche? Is there a way to keep our emotions aligned the way we want them, even when resistance tries to pull us away from that alignment?

In a post earlier this week I wrote about stability training during prehab workouts, and how that training can help us in real life. That made me think about mind training, and how we might work on the “stabilizer muscles’ in the mind.

Here’s a quote from “The Science of Enlightenment” by Shinzen Young: “The greatest favor we can do ourselves is to come to a state where our happiness is independent of our conditions”. In other words, that would be a state where you stay aligned with the inner feeling of happiness, even when things in the outside world try to pull you out of it. This sounds a lot like keeping the body aligned even when standing on a wobby surface, or fighting off the pull of gravity -- doesn’t it?

We can work on making the stabilizer muscles in our body stronger with certain exercises. In the same way, we can work on the ‘stabilizer muscles’ of the psyche. This involves going inwards, because the state we want to stabilize is in the inner world of thoughts and emotions.

Spending time in your inner world might look like meditating, journaling, or even just recognizing how you feel.

If you’re curious about your emotional stability, try taking the “Big Five Personality Test”. Emotional stability is one of the factors measured, so you can get a nice  number rating for how emotionally stable you are at this time. Here are my results:

emotional stability.png

My emotional stability is 43%! I think it’s interesting to see a number attached to this metric. It lets me know that there’s plenty of room for improvement. One thing I’m doing to work on this is meditating every day.

If you take the test, I’d love to see your results! How emotionally stable are you? Is that something you are interested in training? Do you think it sounds nice to be able to maintain a happy or peaceful internal state regardless of what is happening around you? Post a comment below:)