Live Harder Wellness
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Inspiring people to play harder at the activities they are most passionate about by helping them work harder to prevent injury and illness. 

Core Values


We help people work harder to prevent injury and illness by providing holistic wellness resources for the mind, body, and soul. 


We inspire people to play harder because we believe play keeps the mind, body and spirit young. We do this by hosting events, workshops, seminars, group workouts and more.


We empower people to be the creators of their own happiness by finding a healthy balance between work and play. 

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We are 100% Donation Based! 

We believe that WELLNESS IS NOT A LUXURY; IT IS A LIFESTYLE.  Therefore, healthy living should be accessible to everyone. However, because most insurance companies do not support wellness services such as massage therapy or personal training, most people do not proactively pursue their well-being. Instead, they wait until they are either injured or chronically ill before seeking help. We recognize this as the leading cause for the current health crisis and open our doors to anyone in need. 

Because wellness is a way of life that is not only for the wealthy, WE DO NOT HAVE SET PRICES. We encourage everyone to look closely at their budget, so that together we can find a commitment that works for you. This ensures clients are receiving our very best services while our efforts are still being valued.

Since we are fighting an uphill battle against those seeking to take advantage of the health crisis at hand, we need all the help we can get. 

Any donation is greatly appreciated!

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Our Vision

We find it difficult to define what it means to “live harder” because it is completely unique to every individual. Live harder Wellness LLC, is not really a wellness company at all but rather a way of life which embodies living to one’s fullest potential. We understand that as humans, we struggle to escape our individual limitations and often become stuck in our ways. We repeat our mistakes without understanding why or even putting forth much effort to change our behaviors. We are quick to take the easy road and often become overwhelmed when things seem too difficult.

For us, “living harder” is a way of embracing the struggle and looking past it at a brighter future. It is an ongoing idea that life never gets easier, we just get better at it through practice. Instead of falling into complacency and accepting that our best years are behind us, we can remind ourselves that our journey is one of adventure and self-exploration. We can remind ourselves that no matter where we are in life it is never too late to learn something new and become a better person. By pushing ourselves past our fears and into the unknown we can embrace what it means to be human. With constant growth and purposeful progression, we strive to create the best version of ourselves. This never ending challenge is what brings us together. By understanding how our own experiences make us stronger and wiser, we can each create something useful for someone else. We can pass our passions along to others, and by doing so we can help them live harder too.

Our vision for this company is not to provide wellness services to just a few. But rather, allow everyone to take part in establishing a community of passionate people striving to help better one another. By laying a foundation in wellness, we can come together to combine our resources and create a healthier future. Together, we can build a better world where everyone not only receives the help they need but also offers it to others. 

Join us on this incredible journey!